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Current position

Since May 2013 I work for as a full-time employee.

Bio sketch

I was born in Treviso (Italy, near Venice) January the 8th, 1979.

I obtained the "Laurea Specialistica in Informatica", roughly equivalent to a MSc in Computer Science, October the 10th, 2003.

I work in IT as a developer. In my free time (which is becoming less and less...) I participate to some Open Source projects.

Curriculum Vitae (Italian version)


You can mail me at or

Skype: mattia.barbon

Jabber/Google Talk:

Yahoo! Messenger: mattiabarbon

MSN Messenger:

Last posts

30 Apr 2013 - Re-joined Project Honey Pot
Re-activated Honey Pot and donated an MX record

24 Apr 2013 - Moved to Jekyll/GitHub pages
Dismissed XSLT-based site

16 Aug 2009 - Stack unwinding for Language::P
Implementing stack unwinding for Language::P

01 May 2009 - Playing with DLR
First impressions from playing with DLR

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