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Today, after two weeks, I looked at my wxPerl inbox and found a bug report (with patch!) to make Alien::wxWidgets work with wxWidgets 2.8.10; feeling guilty for not answering it in a timely manner, I proceeded to apply the patch.

After testing it on Mac, I had almost hit “Send” for the thanks-applied mail, when my conscience suddenly awoke and told me I should at least test the change under Windows. Foolishly, I decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest Module::Build and MakeMaker (it will only take 5 minutes!).

Bad Idea.

Module::Install failed halfway through Module::Build and Compress::Zlib installation, being unable to replace some files: one hour wasted in fixing the Perl installation.

Another hour wasted in tracking a build bug unrelated to the patch in question.

With some luck I will manage to commit the one-line patch today…